Treasurer Report


Since 2009, MA-ASTE has maintained a checking account with Bank of America. Prior to 2009, MA-ASTE maintained a bank account with Virginia Regional Bank. The switch to Bank of America in 2009 allows MA-ASTE to change the person on the account whenever a new treasurer is elected, and not the account itself. We are grateful for all of the time and service our treasurers have provided for our vibrant, active organization!

Treasurer Report

2022 MA-ASTE Treasurer Report

2021 MA-ASTE Treasurer Report

2020 MA-ASTE Treasurer Report

2016 MA-ASTE Treasurer Report

2015 MA-ASTE Treasurer Report

2014 MA-ASTE Treasurer Report

MA-ASTE Treasurers

2022-2025: Angela Webb, James Madison University

2019-2022: Kristie S. Gutierrez, Old Dominion University

2016 – 2019: Lisa Gross, Appalachian State University

2013 – 2016: Rachel Wilson, Appalachian State University

2010 – 2013: Leslie Bradbury, Appalachian State University

2008 – 2010 Randy Bell, University of Virginia

1989 – 2008 George Glasson, Virginia Tech University