Dr. Patricia A. Obenauf Graduate Student Research Presentation Award

Mid-Atlantic ASTE Dr. Patricia A. Obenauf Graduate Student Research Presentation Award

The Mid-Atlantic Association for Science Teacher Education (MA-ASTE) is pleased to announce the Annual Dr. Patricia A. Obenauf Graduate Student Research Presentation Award opportunity this year. This award is a peer-reviewed merit-based honor intended to recognize outstanding contributions to research by MA-ASTE graduate students.

This award will be given to the graduate student who is judged to have delivered the best research presentation at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Regional ASTE Conference. The award consists of $750 for travel to the upcoming International ASTE Conference, recognition via email to attendees, and the right to include this award recognition on documents such as CVs or other documentation of accomplishments. Note: Failure to attend the upcoming International ASTE Conference forfeits the monetary portion of the award, but the recipient remains entitled to the recognition. Additionally, you must be enrolled in doctoral program at the time of presentation.

A graduate student who meets the following requirements is eligible to receive the award:

1. Accepted to present a paper or poster at the upcoming MA-ASTE Conference; notification of acceptance will be last week of August. (In the case of multiple authorship in which multiple authors present, the student must be the primary presenter; this is operationalized as at least 50% of the presentation time).

2. Has similar or modified version of paper/poster proposal submitted for presentation at the upcoming International ASTE Conference.

3. Is the sole or lead author of the paper. (In the case of multiple submitting authors on a single proposal, only the first author may be considered. In cases where a faculty member, or other non-student professional, is listed as a co-author, he/she and the student are attesting that the student genuinely contributed in a lead author role rather than as a support person by requesting consideration for the award.)

You may request consideration for the award by completing the following by September 17 at 5:00 p.m. (EST).

1. Send an e-mail to the MA-ASTE Director, Dr. Andrew Gilbert, at (agilbe14@gmu.edu) with a subject line “Obenauf Graduate Student Research Presentation Award.”

2. The email should include an explicit attestation by the nominee of lead author status, and the email should carbon copy (cc), not blind copy, any paper co-authors to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the nomination and by lack of response have implicitly attested to the genuine lead authorship status of the nominee. If the student’s advisor is copied on the email, the student should also include an explicit statement attesting to his/her graduate student status and the inclusion of his/her (named) advisor on the email as verification evidence of this status.

3. Attach the upcoming International ASTE Conference proposal submission.

• Neither the graduate student nor the student advisor is required to be located in an official Mid-Atlantic State to be considered eligible; any 2021 MA-ASTE Conference attendee otherwise meeting eligibility requirements is eligible.
• Paper presentations and poster presentations will be equally eligible for the award.
• Submissions will be judged by a 5-member panel of reviewers consisting of volunteers of non-student MA-ASTE members in attendance at the 2021 MA-ASTE Conference. Any panel member advising a graduate student considered for the award will recuse himself/herself from voting on that said student.
• Former winners of the award will not be eligible for subsequent awards.


a. Adequately grounded in existing knowledge
b. Significance of the problem/question
c. Quality of the research design, investigational strategy, or project design, including measures
d. Analysis of initial findings or analytic strategy
e. Theoretical and/or practical importance of the investigation
f. Presentation skill
g. Topic has potential for future research or development