The Organization

Section A. Name

The name of this organization shall be: The Mid-Atlantic Association for Science Teacher Education (MA-ASTE).

Section B. Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to foster the improvement of science teacher education.

Section C. Membership

  1. The membership shall consist of persons concerned with the education of teachers of science who have paid their MA-ASTE dues.
  2. Annual dues will be established by a vote of the membership at an annual business meeting.
  3. In order to be a region, 10 members must be ASTE members at the national/international level.

Section D. Relationship to Other Organizations

This organization shall be a regional division of the ASTE and shall be governed in accordance with the national by-laws and by the by-laws of this division.

Section E. Organization Authority

Any actions, projects, or similar endeavors identifying MA-ASTE as a sponsoring or supporting agency shall be made only with the approval of a majority of members attending and voting at an official meeting of MA-ASTE or with the express consent of the Executive Committee of MA-ASTE acting on behalf of the membership.

Section F. Distribution of Assets upon Termination

In the event of termination or dissolution of the Association, the Board of Directors shall distribute the remaining assets of the Association to one or more non‐profit agencies or organizations interested in science education.


Elected Officers

Section A. Officers of the Organization

1. The officers of the organization shall be members of the national/international ASTE.

2. The officers of the organization shall consist of a Director, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section B. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers, the present and past conference chairs, and the past-officer serving for one year after their term is complete.

Section C. Duties of the Officers

1. Director
a. Shall preside at all meetings.
b. Shall plan the program agenda for the annual business meeting of the region.
c. Shall notify all members of the time and place of all meetings of the region.
d. Shall work with the conference program chairperson to make the call for annual meeting presentation proposals.
e. Shall ensure that the minutes of MA-ASTE meetings are posted on the region’s website.
f. Shall appoint committees not otherwise provided for in the by-laws and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
g. Shall carry out the policies of the organization and all duties assigned to the Director by the Executive Committee.
h. Attend Regional Units meetings at the national/international ASTE meetings.
i.   Serve on the national/international ASTE Board of Directors during the MA-ASTE rotation.

2. Secretary
a. Shall keep minutes of all business meetings and all Executive Committee meetings, and shall forward annual minutes to the region Director for proofreading and posting on the MA-ASTE website.
b. Shall distribute written minutes to members attending the annual business meeting.

3. Treasurer
a. Shall collect all dues and make all disbursements as authorized by the Director. The Treasurer shall make a financial report to the members at the annual meeting.
b. Provide the Director with a list of current (paid) members.
c. Shall maintain and safeguard all financial information for MA-ASTE.
d. Shall act as a signatory for the MA-ASTE account.

Section D. Succession of Officers

If any officer is unable to continue to serve, the Executive Committee shall appoint another member to serve in that capacity until such time as a new officer can be elected in the regular manner as described in Section E of this Article.

Section E. Election of Officers

  1. The Director, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote at the annual regional meeting. The term of each office shall be for a period of three years, beginning at the close of the annual regional meeting.
  2. The terms of each officer will be staggered so that no two terms expire in the same year and a new officer (Director, Secretary, OR Treasurer) will be elected at each annual regional meeting.

Section F. Conflict of Positions

No member of the Board may hold two Board positions simultaneously.



Section A. Regular Meeting

There shall be at least one regular regional meeting of this division each year. The meeting shall be held at a time and place to be determined at the annual business meeting of the regional meeting.

Section B. Special Meetings

The Director may call a special meeting of the division with the approval of the Executive Committee, provided that all members are notified of the time and place and purpose of such meeting at least thirty days in advance of the meeting. Special meetings may take place as conference calls.

Section C.   Quorum

A quorum for all business meetings of the division shall be 10 regional members or 50% of the membership, whichever is smaller.


Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the order of all business meetings of the region where applicable and where not inconsistent with the by-laws of the national ASTE and the by-laws of the region.



Section A.   Proposals for Change

Changes in the by-laws may be proposed by a petition of 5 members of MA-ASTE or recommended to the membership by the Executive Committee. Proposals from the members should be presented to the Executive Committee.

Section B.   Revision of By-Laws

Revision of the by-laws shall be implemented if approved by 66% majority of the received votes. Balloting of the membership attending the annual regional business meeting shall be used, or balloting will be electronic if a quorum is not present at the annual regional business meeting.

Section C. Non substantive Changes

Non-substantive changes in the by-laws may be made by Executive Committee action without a membership balloting.

By-Laws Adopted at the annual meeting of MA-ASTE in Johnson City, Tennessee on September 25, 2010